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NY Book Con

New York Book Con:




I had a wonderful day in Manhattan this past weekend, with one of my good friends, Sara Benedict.  Sara is an associate publicist with Gliterary Girl Media.  Together we drove to the city to enjoy some time with people immersed in the field, from authors, to publishers to the readers.  We met some great people and came home with tons of new books and swag.

If you ever go to a Con of some kind, you should know that the day takes planning.  With all the autographing opportunities, celebrity meets, panels and discussions, you have to pin point what you want to do and build a schedule for yourself.

On the very top of my schedule was meeting Jeaniene Frost, author of The Night Huntress series.  I absolutely love her books and buy them the second they are released.  Meeting Ms. Frost (this was the second time I’ve met her) was the highlight of my day.  Even better, I got to give her a book mark for Stolen Gifts.  It was only later when I had come off my Fan Girl high, did I realize I could have given her the book.

We got to meet Tartar Sauce, A.K.A.  Grumpy Cat.  After an hour long line, a closed booth and chatting with great people on the line, we got to meet an absolutely adorable cat.  Grumpy, she was not.  She was really cute, and wow!  I want to be that famous someday.

The day was spent visiting various booths, walking around with a 50 pound bag full of free books and swag, and taking pictures. I want to thank you all by sharing a bit of the goods, with a flash sale and giveaway.  For four days only, Stolen Gifts e-book will be available for only $.99. I’m also giving away some of the books I have received both at the 2014 Book Con and the 2013 NY Comic Con.