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The Aftermath

Stolen Gifts has now been officially out for one week.  Wow!

If someone had told me last year that I would have a newly released debut novel on the market, I would have laughed.  It’s surreal to say the least.  The amount of work and time it took to get here was huge, and now the work that remains is equally huge.  But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

It has been a great learning experience.  However, I don’t want to claim that it was all peaches and cream, because it wasn’t.  Many times along the way I wanted to call it quits, and just have my novel available to friends and family.  Their encouragement is what kept me going.  I’ve figured out who I can rely on to get me out of a slum, who will slap me on the back and get me moving again, and who will cheer the loudest for me.

The novel is doing well, and none of it would have come about if it wasn’t for those people.  Now I get to sit back (only for a few minutes each day) and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I get to, once again, concentrate on finishing the second book in the series.  But best of all, I get to watch.

Up until now, my role has been very active, as it should be.  With the release of the novel, my hands are a bit tied.  I can promote, and market, but I can’t tell you what to think.  Actually, I never could do that.  The big thing now though, is I get to watch (and that’s something I love to do).  I get to watch the reviews and thoughts of my readers.  Some have reached out to me in personal messages, and I have to tell you, I’m loving it.

Watching you read and enjoy the novel, is truly an exciting part of the process.  So if you’re reading this, and have purchased the book, and have read it, I want to extend my thanks.  I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you help me spread the word and leave comments and reviews wherever you may.

Thank you all for your support, kind words and the wonderful messages I am receiving.

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